Oz Lotto Results Tuesday 01/05/2012 Draw 950

Finally, after much anticipation, the results of tonight’s Oz Lotto draw have been released. The winning numbers were 2, 6, 25, 29, 34, 36 and 37 with supplement numbers 3 and 8 concluding the draw.

There were no Division 1 winners which leads to another exciting jackpot! Draw 951 on Tuesday 08/05/2012 boasts a $70 Million Division 1 prize pool!

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The Excitement of Oz Lotto’s $50 Million Jackpot

Today is such an exciting event: punters are flooding into our newsagencies at Westfield Chermside to be part of Oz Lotto’s $50 Million jackpot. To keep up with the demand at our Main Shop, we have set up an extra lotto counter for customers to mark their lucky numbers and currently have five registers with just as many salespeople processing the coupons, Quickpicks and syndicate entries. Our two kiosks, Nextra Express and NewsExtra, are also going full-steam-ahead to make sure customers are served in the most timely manner possible. Best of luck to those in our community – we’re looking forward to cashing in lots of big prizes tomorrow morning!

Extra Oz Lotto Counter

The extra counter set up for today's lucky Oz Lotto punters.

In line with the hype of the event, our store has been featured twice by Quest Community Newspapers with an article written by James Drew and the following image posted on the Northside Chronicle’s Twitter feed.

Cassie Strazzeri, Mitch Hughes and Cassie Hoole are selling lotto tickets like hot cakes today.

Cassie Strazzeri, Mitch Hughes and Cassie Hoole are selling lotto tickets like hot cakes today.

Oz Lotto $50 Million Jackpot

Oz Lotto $50mOz Lotto has hit the jackpot! An estimated $50 million Division 1 prize pool (for draw 950 on Tuesday 01 May 2012) is generating lots of hype here at Westfield Chermside. Whether you mark a coupon with your favourite numbers, try your luck with a Quickpick® or join one of our exciting store syndicates (see below for details), we hope to sell the
winning ticket to one of our valued customers.

Visit the friendly staff at one of our three outlets for assistance with all your lottery needs — they can show you how to correctly fill out an Oz Lotto coupon, tell you about the differences between all the Quickpick® entries and explain the features and benefits of the store syndicates we have on offer.

In 2009, the staff at Nextra Chermside Newsagency sold a $40 million winning ticket which was the equal third-largest prize win in Australian lotto history. Let’s make history again this Tuesday night!

Oz Lotto Syndicates for $50m Jackpot

Oz Lotto Results Draw 949 (Tuesday 24/04/12)

There were no Division 1 winners in last night’s Oz Lotto draw (formerly know as ‘Oz7 Lotto’); but congratulations to the 13 people around the country who won just under $28,000 for second division! Golden Casket announced that the jackpot prize pool will be an estimated $50,000,000.00 for next Tuesday’s draw on 01/05/2012.

Watch this space for information about our store syndicates in the coming days: we’ll keep you up-to-date with the exciting games we have available!

Oz Lotto Results* – Draw 949
* Information correct at time of publication.

Gold Lotto Superdraw Results (Draw 3203 – Saturday 31st March 2012)

And the results are in for Golden Casket’s $21 Million Gold Lotto Superdraw (Draw 3203 on Saturday 31st March 2012)!

Nineteen lucky players from around Australia shared the magic numbers to take home just over $1.1 million each. Thank you to our customers who purchased their tickets and syndicates from our store today. We hope to see many of you back during the week to collect your winnings!

Information correct at time of publication.

Gold Lotto $21 Million Superdraw


We’re just four weeks away from the $21 Million Superdraw on Saturday 31st March 2012. Can you imagine how life-changing winning a prize of that value would be? Not only could you fulfil your hopes and dreams, but you could share that joy with your family and friends, too!

Quickpick Prices*

JUMBO Quickpick 36 Games $23.70
MEGA Quickpick 24 Games $15.80
SUPER Quickpick 18 Games $11.90
Standard Quickpick 12 Games $7.90

Want more chances to win? Why not use multiple combinations of the above Quickpicks, or try your luck with our exciting store syndicates! Visit our friendly staff at Westfield Chermside if you require any assistance and to lock in those lucky numbers.

* Correct at time of publication.

Powerball $30m Jackpot (Draw 820)

Powerball $30 Million Jackpot

Can you believe that Powerball has hit the jackpot again! Tomorrow’s draw (#820) it at an estimated $30 Million dollars.

Try your luck with a PowerHit® or a system entry – both of which increase your chance of winning a prize!

Quickpick Prices

JUMBO Quickpick 36 Games $28.90
MEGA Quickpick 24 Games $19.25
SUPER Quickpick 18 Games $14.45
Standard Quickpick 12 Games $9.60

Powerball $20m Jackpot (Draw 819)

Powerball $20m for Australia Day

Wouldn’t Australia Day be a day to remember if you topped off the celebrations with winning $20 Million in the Powerball! Draw 819 on 26/01/2012 could change your life. Think of how many kilograms of steak that would buy… how many slabs of XXXX beer you could shout your mates… or perhaps that new HSV Maloo ute you’ve had your eye on! (That one’s for our Store Manager, Shannon)

HSV Maloo Ute

Quickpick Prices

JUMBO Quickpick 36 Games $28.90
MEGA Quickpick 24 Games $19.25
SUPER Quickpick 18 Games $14.45
Standard Quickpick 12 Games $9.60

Powerball $12m Jackpot (Draw 817)

Imagine what you could do with $12 million… the possibilities are endless! That’s $1m to spend for every month of the year. You could travel around the world, increase your collection of sports cars, extend your art collection, start your ideal business and much, much more.

All it takes is one entry in the Powerball® for your chance to make your dreams come true. Like they say, it gives you “the power to change it all”. Grab a Jumbo Quickpick® for $28.90 or try your luck with a PowerHit® for $35.90 in draw #817 on Thursday 12th January 2012.

Good luck!

What would you do with $12 million?

Powerball $10m Jackpot

If you didn’t end up taking home a satisfactory share in the prize pool from the recent Megadraw, why not try your luck this week in the Powerball®? The jackpot is estimated to be $10 million for draw 816 on 5th January 2011. Visit us in-store to grab an entry for this exciting event – a Standard Quickpick® starts at $9.60, or you could try a PowerHit® (which guarantees you the Powerball®) for $35.90!

Powerball $10M Jackpot