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Oz Lotto has jackpotted to an astonishing $70 million for Tuesday 8 May 2012 (draw 951). This is the second-biggest Oz Lotto jackpot in Australian history. The highest recorded jackpot occurred in 2009 when Oz Lotto jackpotted to $106.5 million. Read further to find out more information about the Oz Lotto draws, or skip straight to the tips for players.

Odds of Winning

It is anticipated that more than half of Australian adults will have an entry in the draw. So what do the statistics look like? If you play a 12-game standard entry, you have a 1-in-3,781,635 chance of winning Division 1. Furthermore, the odds of winning a prize (from any division) is 1 in 5. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? Make sure you register your tickets on your Winners’ Circle card to ensure you can receiving the lucky phone call!

Number Frequencies

The most frequently drawn Oz Lotto number is 27 (drawn 83 times since 2005) and the most infrequently drawn Oz Lotto number is 30 (drawn 52 times since 2005).

Tips for Players

  1. Make sure you have an entry – it’s pretty obvious, you have to be in it to win it!
  2. Get in early – our store closes at 6:00pm on Tuesday (the draw actually closes at 7:30pm).
  3. Play the easy way – the easiest way to play, for those not familiar with the game, is a randomly-selected Quickpick. Just ask one of our friendly staff members to assist you with your selection.
  4. Protect your prizes by registering your tickets – registering your ticket to your Winners’ Circle card is an important step to ensuring you never miss out on a prize. You will get a call with the good news if you win the Oz Lotto $70 million jackpot!
  5. Join or form a syndicate – syndicates allow players to share the cost of buying more game combinations with family, friends or workmates. Ask us about joining a store syndicate if you are interested.
  6. Put it in writing – document any syndicate agreements and keep a copy of the syndicate members’ names, confirmation they have paid, and the numbers entered before the draw.
  7. Check the odds – to help you make in informed choice, the odds of playing are available online and in brochures at our store.
  8. Have fun – as well as the huge $70 million jackpot prize, there are lots of smaller prizes to be won in Tuesday night’s draw.
  9. Play sensibly – lotteries are safe and enjoyable, and you can be in the draw for as little as around $1.00 for one standard game. If you think that you, or someone you know, is spending too much on gambling, you can call 1800 858-858 for help and advice.
  10. Check the results – The $70 million Oz Lotto jackpot draw will be televised on Tuesday night at approximately 8:30pm and the winning numbers will also be available on the Golden Casket website (as well as ours!) shortly after the draw.

Interesting ways to choose your numbers

Oz Lotto $70

Not sure exactly which numbers to choose? Why not consider the following ideas…

  • Using personal and family birthdays
  • House street numbers
  • Pets’ birthdays
  • Favourite sports team player numbers
  • Conducting your own lucky draw at home with small barrels and bingo numbers
  • Astrological predictions
  • Car number plates
  • PIN numbers

Don’t forget about the other exciting draws during the week: Powerball has jackpotted to $20 million and another $20 million is on offer for Saturday’s Mothers’ Day Superdraw. Good luck!

SOURCES: Golden Casket internal communication, The Sunday Mail p3.

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