Powerball Syndicate – $60 Million Jackpot (Draw 885)

Here’s an opportunity that doesn’t come along every day: Golden Casket’s Powerball has jackpotted to an incredible $60 Million (Draw 885 on Thursday 02 May 2013)! Make sure you visit Nextra Chermside Newsagency to play your lucky numbers this week.

Did you know you can now select a Maxi Quickpick? That’s 50 entries in the draw!

If you’d rather try some system entries, why not join our exciting syndicate? For only $79.68 per share, you get the benefit of 1 x System 11, 1 x System 10, 3 x System 9s and 3 x Maxi Quickpicks!

Join our GREAT syndicate for Powerball's $60 Million jackpot. Only $79.68 per share!

Good luck, and as always: have fun and play responsibly.

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