Win a 50″ Smart TV Competition 2015

How would you like the chance to win a huge 50″ Full HD Smart LED-LCD TV? Simply purchase any Maxi Quickpick at Nextra Chermside Newsagency, Nextra Express Chermside or NewsExtra Chermside to go in the draw. Wouldn’t that be a great way to start the new year!

The TV features:

  • Full HD 1080p resolution with 3D capabilities
  • DLNA
  • Google Chrome Web Browser
  • Google Play Store
  • 8GB Internal storage
  • Record Live TV (requires external HDD)
  • USB Digital Media Player
  • 2.4/5Ghz Dual band Wi-Fi for connecting to your wireless network
  • 3 x USB inputs
  • 4 x HDMI inputs
  • Air Wand Bluetooth Remote Control (which we’ve tested – it’s lots of fun!)

Have you heard about the massive $30 Million Megadraw on Saturday 03 January? Why not get your Maxi Quickpick entry for this draw and be in the running for a new TV, too? We hope to see you soon here at Westfield Chermside Shoppingtown.

Terms and conditions apply:

Win a TV Competition

Terms and conditions apply:

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$30 Million Oz Lotto Jackpot (Draw 1087)

Oz Lotto $30 Million JackpotHave you heard about the incredible $30 MILLION Oz Lotto draw next Tuesday? (Draw #1087 on 16 December 2014)

In addition to our regular Tuesday Oz Lotto syndicates (Winners Are Grinners, Triumphant Tuesdays and Hello Hawaii), we are running a NEW Stuff Your Stocking syndicate for this massive jackpot. This ticket combines four System 11 games with two System 10 games to give the 25 shareholders 1,560 chances to win from the $30 MILLION prize pool.

Oz Lotto, also known as ‘Oz’, is a national lottery game offering players the chance to Live Life. The game was launched as Oz Lotto in 1994, and is played on Tuesday nights. Oz Lotto was changed to Oz 7 Lotto for the first Oz 7 Lotto draw on October 18, 2005 and was changed back to Oz Lotto on April 11, 2012. Oz Lotto has 7 numbers, with 7 prize divisions.

Hurry, these entries are selling fast. Good luck! Remember to have fun and play responsibly.

Tuesday Oz Lotto Syndicates

New: “Our Love Was on the Wing” by Local Nudgee Authors

Our Love Was on the Wing

Our Love Was on the Wing – Jim Healy & Mizpah Closkey

At Nextra Chermside Newsagency, we endeavour to support our local community and share their creative successes with our wonderful customers. Today we are proud to announce our store at Westfield Chermside will stock Our Love Was on the Wing by Nudgee author Regis Hickey.

Regis Hickey, the principal author of Our Love Was on the Wing has taken the characters Michael and Mary from the famous Irish song The Fields of Athenry and created a novel set in the convict settlement of Sydney in the early 1800s. While Regis has used the last three years to write the novel he had been considering the idea for the past twenty. Currently he is living in the retirement village of Viridian at Nudgee, Queensland. This is his first novel.

Mary Murphy, the contributing author is currently teaching at Unity College, Caloundra. Mary would say her role was an advisory one and Regis was the principal author.

The pseudonyms the author, Regis Hickey, and contributing author, Mary Murphy, have used in Our Love was on the Wing are those of their grandparents, Jim Healy and Mizpah Closkey.

This novel successfully blends both the historical and fiction so that its readers will get insights into the personalities of authentic Governors and early English settlers of Australia as well as possible characters that could have existed at that time. There’s romance, pathos, failure and success with the heroes and the villains. You will think you have the plot worked out only to find out you have not: and finally when you have read the last sentence you will want to thank both Regis and Mary for having given you a most enjoyable read.

It is the type of novel that film directors and TV Mini-series producers are looking for as Australians are becoming more and more interested in their past. Make sure you read it before you see it. An ideal Christmas present and holiday read.

Our Love Was on the Wing can be purchased from Nextra Chermside Newsagency for $19.95. Hurry, limited stock available.

Christmas Trading Hours 2014

Season’s Greetings from our team at Westfield Chermside! We thought we’d share our Christmas Trading Hours to help you plan ahead for the big day. If you require any assistance during the Christmas period with gift ideas or finding the perfect greeting card, visit our helpful staff in-store where we strive to offer good old-fashioned customer service. Let us put the joy back in your Christmas shopping!

Date Day of Week Open Close
15-Dec Mon 8 am 6 pm
16-Dec Tue 8 am 6 pm
17-Dec Wed 8 am 7 pm
18-Dec Thu 8 am 9 pm
19-Dec Fri 8 am 7 pm
20-Dec Sat 8 am 6 pm
21-Dec Sun 9 am 6 pm
22-Dec Mon 8 am 8 pm
23-Dec Tue 8 am Non-Stop Shop
24-Dec Wed Non-Stop Shop 5:30 pm
25-Dec Thu Closed: Christmas Day
26-Dec Fri 8 am 6 pm
27-Dec Sat 8 am 5 pm
28-Dec Sun 9 am 5 pm
29-Dec Mon 8 am 6 pm
30-Dec Tue 8 am 6 pm
31-Dec Wed 8 am 6 pm
1-Jan Thu 10 am 4 pm
2-Jan Fri 8 am 6 pm
3-Jan Sat 8 am 5 pm
4-Jan Sun 9 am 5 pm

Christmas Tree

2015 Diaries and Refills from The Last Diary Company

Have you seen our large selection of 2015 calendars and diaries? Today we would love to showcase the great range of products from The Last Diary Company. These high-quality products are available in many sizes, styles and colours. If you were unable to find your correct diary or refill in-store, please contact our Customer Service team who will be happy to assist you with a special order when possible.


Product Name/Product Code/Barcode Images
2015 Becall A4 Diary Case Bound (Day to Page) (BA41BK / 9323606005813)
2015 Becall A4 Diary Case Bound (Week to View) (BA47BK / 9323606003345)
2015 Becall A5 Diary Case Bound (Day to Page) (BA51BL / 9323606001778)
2015 Becall A5 Diary Case Bound (Week to View) (BA57BL / 9323606001754)
2015 Becall B6 Diary Case Bound (Day to Page) (BB61BN / 9323606004076)
2015 Becall B6 Diary Case Bound (Week to View) (BB67BL / 9323606004144)
2015 Becall Quarto Diary Case Bound (Day to Page) (BQ1BK / 9323606001396)
2015 Becall Quarto Diary Case Bound (Week to View) (BQ7BK / 9323606003406)
2015 Diary Refill A4 Directors’ (Day to Page) (NA41 / 9323606005967)
2015 Diary Refill A4 Directors’ (Week to View) (NA47 / 9323606007855)
2015 Diary Refill A5 Executive Midi (Day to Page) (NA51 / 9323606005929)
2015 Diary Refill A5 Executive Midi (Week to View) (NA57 / 9323606005936)
2015 Diary Refill A7 (NA77 / 9323606007848)
2015 Diary Refill B6 Mini (Day to Page) (NB61 / 9323606005905)
2015 Diary Refill B6 Mini (Week to View) (NB67 / 9323606005912)
2015 Diary Refill A4 Victoria Wiro (Day to Page) (VA41 / 9323606009507)
2015 Diary Refill A4 Victoria Wiro (Week to View) (VA47 / 9323606009361)
2015 Diary Refill A5 Wiro (Day to Page) (VA51 / 9323606001976)
2015 Diary Refill A5 Wiro (Week to View) (VA57 / 9323606001969)
2015 Diary Refill B6 Mini Wiro (Day to Page) (VB61 / 9323606001952)
2015 Diary Refill B6 Mini Wiro (Week to View) (VB67 / 9323606009514)
2015 Diary Refill Quarto Wiro Bound (Day to Page) (VQ1 / 9323606005943)
2015 Diary Refill Quarto Wiro Bound (Week to View) (VQ7 / 9323606005950)
2015 Funky Diary A7 (Week to View) (FA77 / 9323606008791)
2015 Compendium-style Diary (Day to Page) (A41WAV / 9323606005745)
2015 Directors’ Diary (Day to Page) (A41ZBK / 9323606005714)
2015 Nicholls A5 Midi Clip (Day to Page) (A51CBK / 9323606005400)
2015 Nicholls A5 Midi Clip (Week to View) (A57CBK / 9323606005516)
2015 Nicholls A7 Micro (Week to View) (A77BG / 9323606004212)
2015 Nicholls B6 Mini Clip (Day to Page) (B61CBG / 9323606004229)
2015 Nicholls B6 Mini Clip (Week to View) (B67CBG / 9323606004236)
2015 Slimline A7 (Week to View) (SA77BB / 9323606003475)
2015 Slimline B6 Mini (Week to View) (SB67OR / 9323606006247)
2015 Pocket Diary 70×104 (D104BK / 9323606005769)
2015 Pocket Diary 85×153 (D211BK / 9323606005776)
2015 Victoria Diary A4 Wiro (Day to Page) (VA41BK / 9323606001426)
2015 Victoria Diary A4 Wiro (Week to View) (VA47BK / 9323606003598)
2015 Victoria Diary A5 Wiro (Day to Page) (VA51BK / 9323606000276)
2015 Victoria Diary A5 Wiro (Week to View) (VA57BK / 9323606000504)
2015 Victoria Diary B6 Wiro (Day to Page) (VB61BK / 9323606000177)
2015 Victoria Diary B6 Wiro (Week to View) (VB67BK / 9323606009446)
2015 Victoria Diary Quarto Wiro (Day to Page) (VQ1BK / 9323606005660)
2015 Victoria Diary Quarto Wiro (Week to View) (VQ7BK / 9323606005622)
2015 Monthly Planner (MP1400 / 9323606005707)
2015 Monthly Planner/Notebook (MPQBL / 9323606003697)

Nextra Chermside Crowned Australia’s No. 1 Newsagent

Australian Newsagent of the Year 2014

Our family business at Westfield Chermside has taken home the industry’s top award of “Australian Newsagent of the Year” for 2014. Over the last four years, our three stores at have won six other esteemed titles:

  • Australian Newsagent of the Year (2011, ACP)
  • Queensland Newsagent of the Year (2012, ANF)
  • Australian Newsagent of the Year (2012, ANF)
  • Australian Newsagent of the Year (2012, ACP)
  • Queensland Lottery Newsagent of the Year (2014, ANF)
  • Queensland Newsagent of the Year (2014, ANF)

Join us next Thursday 23 October at 12:30pm to commemorate our award. We would love for you to come and share in cake and celebrations with us at our Main Store in Westfield Chermside!

On behalf of our family, we would like to thank you for your ongoing support. Every success in our business is a win for the Chermside community who have welcomed us in their neighbourhood for the last 30 years. We sincerely appreciate our 60 wonderful members of staff, our loyal customers and our brilliant business partners.

Further congratulations must go to the other finalists in this prestigious national event – we are proud to share the spotlight with so many of our friends and colleagues from around Australia. We look forward to seeing you soon here at Westfield Chermside!

Nextra Chermside Newsagency Staff

Thank you to the event sponsors who continually support the Australian Newsagent industry:


Winners of “Win Your Ticket to Dream” Competition

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our inaugural Win Your Ticket to Dream competition! We were overwhelmed by the number of entries received and the high level of creativity demonstrated in our community. We are pleased to announce the following entries have won a Quickpick ticket in tonight’s Monday Gold Lotto draw:

  • Maxi Quickpick: Joy Constantino! Joy and Leah would make a reality TV show about trying to find the mythical creatures of the world such as the Loch Ness Monster and the Yeti.
  • Jumbo Quickpick: Brei Tesoriero! Brei and Tarnie would get lost in their travels to new destinations. They would like to sky dive over the Swiss Alps and buy a house in Italy where they can work on their tan whilst enjoying endless margaritas.
  • Mega Quickpick: Sharon Black! Sharon would buy a racing car and take Nathan on an adventure to cut laps on the best racing tracks all over the world.
  • Super Quickpick: Karie-Anne O’Neill! Karie-Anne and Ami would treat their 27 members of family to the trip of a lifetime – a Canadian White Christmas.
  • Regular Quickpick: Cassie McGrath! Cassie and Felicia would upgrade their flights to first class and enjoy a massive shopping spree in Abu Dhabi, then jet to a private villa in Greece and finish their adventure off by living it large in London.

Congratulations to these creative entrants who have scored some great tickets for tonight’s game. The winners must contact Nextra Chermside Newsagency via a Facebook private message to redeem their prize.

We hope you enjoyed this competition and welcome your feedback. “Like” us on Facebook for updates on competitions to win at Nextra Chermside Newsagency… Queensland’s #1 Newsagency!


Download the terms and conditions here.

Win Your Ticket to Dream

Nextra Chermside Newsagency is giving you the chance to win your ticket to dream! We’re giving away five great lotto tickets to celebrate selling a $1,000,000 winning ticket at Westfield Chermside. You could win a Maxi Quickpick, Jumbo Quickpick, Mega Quickpick, Super Quickpick or Regular Quickpick in Golden Casket’s Gold Lotto draw on Monday 22 September 2014.

Simply head to our Facebook page and ‘like’ the image below – tag a friend in your comment and tell us what the two of you would do if you won $1,000,000. The most creative answers will win!

Remember, you can enter multiple times using different friends. Why not share the photo so all your friends can enter, too? Good luck! Terms and conditions apply. Entry is FREE but restricted to those over 18 years of age. Have fun and play responsibly.

Download the Terms and Conditions

Win Your Ticket to Dream Competition

New Millionaire at Westfield Chermside

A huge $1,000,000.00 Monday Gold Lotto prize was sold at NewsExtra Chermside, part of the Nextra Chermside Newsagency family. The lucky winner was the only player in Australia who took home a 1st Division prize in the recent Golden Casket game.

In addition to the lucky player’s success, Nextra Chermside Newsagency was recently recognised as the 2014 Queensland Lottery Agent of Year and 2014 Queensland Newsagent of the Year. Shannon Hickey, Area Manager, was thrilled to welcome a new millionaire to his Golden Casket outlets at Westfield Chermside. “We’re really excited to see even more luck here at Chermside. It’s so humbling to see our customers’ lives changing!”

To date, Shannon’s team have sold over $62,000,000.00 in 1st Division winning prizes from their agencies located in Westfield Chermside.

The winner purchased an unregistered lottery ticket and approached Golden Casket today. Congratulations to the lucky punter!

The winning numbers for Mon 08 Sep 2014 (Draw 3380) were 32, 43, 28, 22, 26 and 30 with the supplementaries being 41 and 8. Make sure you check your tickets to see if you claimed any prizes, too!

Division Prize Division Prize pool Winners Combinations
Division 1 $1,000,000.00 $1,000,000.00 1 winner – NewsExtra Chermside
Division 2 $5,219.30 $67,850.90 13 winners
Division 3 $477.60 $105,549.60 221 winners
Division 4 $30.95 $294,117.85 9,503 winners
Division 5 $18.10 $407,286.20 22,502 winners
Division 6 $13.90 $632,227.60 45,484 winners

NewsExtra Chermside Lotto Winner

Queensland Newsagent of the Year 2014


Nextra Chermside takes home TWO state awards

It is with great pleasure we announce Nextra Chermside Newsagency is recognised as “Newsagent of the Year” and “Lottery Newsagent of the Year” by the Australian Newsagents’ Federation in their Queensland Awards for Excellence 2014.

trophy300Our three stores at Westfield Chermside have previously won four outstanding titles…

  • Australian Newsagent of the Year (2011, ACP)
  • Queensland Newsagent of the Year (2012, ANF)
  • Australian Newsagent of the Year (2012, ANF)
  • Australian Newsagent of the Year (2012, ACP)

… and we are proud to display the two new trophies as a win for the local Chermside community. This was a fantastic result for the entire team at Nextra Chermside, Nextra Express Chermside and NewsExtra Chermside. Our staff were overwhelmed to earn two prizes at the awards ceremony!

We would like to thank you for your ongoing support as we continue to see our family business grow from strength to strength. We value the continued encouragement we receive from our wonderful customers, business partners and industry representatives.

We look forward to seeing you soon here at Chermside!