Winners of New Year Hampers 2015

Congratulations to the three lucky ladies who took home the prizes for our 2015 New Year Hamper competition! We hope you enjoy the yummy treats and goodies. Thanks to the winners Victoria, Jenny and Sally as well as everyone else who participated. Well done! Keep an eye out for our next exciting promotion at Westfield Chermside.

New Millionaire at Westfield Chermside

A huge $1,000,000.00 Monday Gold Lotto prize was sold at NewsExtra Chermside, part of the Nextra Chermside Newsagency family. The lucky winner was the only player in Australia who took home a 1st Division prize in the recent Golden Casket game.

In addition to the lucky player’s success, Nextra Chermside Newsagency was recently recognised as the 2014 Queensland Lottery Agent of Year and 2014 Queensland Newsagent of the Year. Shannon Hickey, Area Manager, was thrilled to welcome a new millionaire to his Golden Casket outlets at Westfield Chermside. “We’re really excited to see even more luck here at Chermside. It’s so humbling to see our customers’ lives changing!”

To date, Shannon’s team have sold over $62,000,000.00 in 1st Division winning prizes from their agencies located in Westfield Chermside.

The winner purchased an unregistered lottery ticket and approached Golden Casket today. Congratulations to the lucky punter!

The winning numbers for Mon 08 Sep 2014 (Draw 3380) were 32, 43, 28, 22, 26 and 30 with the supplementaries being 41 and 8. Make sure you check your tickets to see if you claimed any prizes, too!

Division Prize Division Prize pool Winners Combinations
Division 1 $1,000,000.00 $1,000,000.00 1 winner – NewsExtra Chermside
Division 2 $5,219.30 $67,850.90 13 winners
Division 3 $477.60 $105,549.60 221 winners
Division 4 $30.95 $294,117.85 9,503 winners
Division 5 $18.10 $407,286.20 22,502 winners
Division 6 $13.90 $632,227.60 45,484 winners

NewsExtra Chermside Lotto Winner

Winners Galore at Nextra Chermside Newsagency

Last week proved to be an exciting and rewarding time for our customers with many lotto and Instant Scratch-Its prizes being won. Some of the most notable wins were recorded in the Powerball and Saturday Gold Lotto – in fact, our stores sold three Second-Division entries!

Congratulations to these lucky members of our Chermside community and we hope to see lots of prizes going to our valued customers again this week. Keep your fingers crossed!

Second-Division Wins at Chermside Last Week:
Game Sold At Prize Value
Powerball (Thursday) Nextra Express Chermside $68,916.50
Gold Lotto (Saturday) Nextra Chermside Newsagency $9,888.45
Gold Lotto (Saturday) Nextra Express Chermside $9,888.45
Total Value of Second-Division Prizes $88,693.40

Saturday Gold Lotto Dividends

Happy New Year

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our amazing customers for their loyalty and support throughout 2011. We have already finalised our promotional calendar, and let me tell you, we’ve got some EXCITING events happening in 2012. Best wishes for the New Year!

Fireworks on the Brisbane River

Fireworks on the Brisbane River

LCD TV Winner (Christmas 2011)

Look at the massive TV our customers won simply by spending over $20 in-store during December 2011. How easy was that? Make sure you keep an eye out for our next promotion – you never know what you could be taking home from Nextra Chermside Newsagency!

LCD TV Winners

Our lucky customers picking up the 42" LCD TV they won!