Winners Galore at Nextra Chermside Newsagency

Last week proved to be an exciting and rewarding time for our customers with many lotto and Instant Scratch-Its prizes being won. Some of the most notable wins were recorded in the Powerball and Saturday Gold Lotto – in fact, our stores sold three Second-Division entries!

Congratulations to these lucky members of our Chermside community and we hope to see lots of prizes going to our valued customers again this week. Keep your fingers crossed!

Second-Division Wins at Chermside Last Week:
Game Sold At Prize Value
Powerball (Thursday) Nextra Express Chermside $68,916.50
Gold Lotto (Saturday) Nextra Chermside Newsagency $9,888.45
Gold Lotto (Saturday) Nextra Express Chermside $9,888.45
Total Value of Second-Division Prizes $88,693.40

Saturday Gold Lotto Dividends

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